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In Emeryville, the dwellers are frightened of a serial killer that carves the number thirteen on his victims. During a stormy afternoon, Sarah, the school counselor, allows the real-state agent, Andrew Byrd, to stay inside her house while waiting for his ride. Andrew is disputing the custody of his daughter, Samara, and shows signs that he is an unbalanced man during a conversation with Sarah. When the security system agent, John Denton, arrives in the house for maintenance of the alarm system, Sarah feels secure. However, when a mark with 13 is found in one room, Sarah realizes that she is in danger.

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This movie was a complete waste of time to watch and waste of money to make. I honestly do not know how they even decided to produce this film. The movie was all talk and only 2 kills. Those 2 kills was not even shown, which made the movie even worse. The only good part of the movie was the very ending. I think it was only 1 to 3 minutes long, which they showed the real estate guy’s “wife” and when they did the zoom in on Amanda Brown. She was stabbed by a “For Sale By Owner” sign and I thought it was probably the best part of the movie. Everything else, besides those two scenes, completely SUCKED.

I would not recommend anyone to watch this film and try to overlook it, at all costs. If you happen to see it, you’ll more than likely regret watching it.

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