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8mm 2

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David Huxley is an American politician living in Hungary, whom gets blackmailed by an unknown party after being video taped having sex, with his fiancée Tish and a local supermodel. Desperate to find the extortionists, David goes into the sordid Red Light district of Eastern Europe, only to end up kidnapped, leaving Tish to try to come up with a $5 million ransom on her own.

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This movie was okay but nothing great. I’m not even sure why they even called this movie Edge of Darkness. I’m guessing because the death of his daughter pushed him over the edge and vengence is basically considered as darkness. It’s the only thing I can imagine. There were only a few good action scenes, in this movie, as well. About 2 or 3 of those scenes made the film worth watching until the end. I thought there was more talking through the movie than anything else.

I thought Mel Gibson played his part well. If I was in his shoes and my daughter was killed, then I would have done the samething as he did. So, you could probably relate to his character.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s worth watching once but that’s about it. It’s probably not worth buying but that’s just my opinion, though.

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