Alice, Sweet Alice

alice, sweet alice

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Alice Spages is a withdrawn 12 year old girl who lives with her mother, Catherine, and her younger sister, Karen. Karen gets most of the attention from her mother, and Alice is often left out of the spotlight. But when Karen is found brutally murdered in a church before her first holy communion, all suspicions are turned towards Alice. But, is a twelve year old girl really capable of such savagery? As more people begin to die at the hands of a merciless killer, Alice becomes more and more likely of a suspect.

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I thought this movie was extremely boring and dragged out. There were only a few good scenes and that’s only about 5 or 6. Other than those few kill scenes, the rest of the movie is all talk and storyline based.

As for the acting, I thought it matched the movie, itself. What I mean is the acting was just as horrible as the movie. The only good actors, in this movie, were the animals, in my opinion. That’s pretty bad, when a cat or a roach can act a lot better, than these people.

If you haven’t seen this movie, don’t waste your time with it. If you’re the type that seems to think everyone who goes to church are saints, then you’ll probably enjoy this movie. If you’re looking for a scary/creepy/frightening movie, then I wouldn’t recommend watching this at all.

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  1. Mostafa says:

    4:47 pm, April 6, 2012| I agree. I love the Halloween films but it time to let them RIP. I’d rather just the ones with Jamie Lee Curtis or Rob Zombie’s films over and over then see aneothr bad one get made.

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