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Amityville 3D

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Some people never learn: a journalist, skeptical of the alleged supernatural occurrences within the Amityville home, buys it to see if it’s really haunted. He gets his answer when ghosts and other non-living creatures turn his life into a living hell.

Skeptical journalist John Baxter and photographer Melanie expose a fraudulent medium who is operating in the infamous Amityville haunted house. Then, John surprises Melanie by deciding to buy the house and live in it. John’s estranged wife, Nancy, is also surprised, then disturbed, when John encourages their daughter, Susan, to visit. The house attacks visitors with horrors that include insects and extreme cold and heat. Eventually, parapsychologist Eliot West comes to investigate.

Director Richard Fleischer used 3-D in making his 1953 Western ARENA and, reportedly, he used it very effectively for Amityville 3-D. However, in spite of its title, on its nontheatrical releases Amityville 3-D remains obstinately flat. Fleischer’s lively cast includes a young Meg Ryan in one of her first screen appearances.

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I have yet to understand why they called this “The Demon”. As for the movie, I thought it completely sucked. There was absolutely ZERO good parts, in this movie. I’m surprised I even sat through the whole movie. They took away a good intro theme song, as well. Also, Meg Ryan looks more like a guy, in this movie, too.

It is safe to say this movie should be overlooked and should not be watched. You’ll probably regret watching it, if you do see it and enjoyed parts 1 and 2.

As for the 3-D version of this movie, the glasses might be set to green and red. I tried using the blue and red glasses and it ruined the movie. The 3-D Line ups on color were off by a lot. I couldn’t take it and had to switch to 2-D mode. If the movie is set to blue and red glasses, they did a horrible job on the 3-D.

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  1. Brandy says:

    Grade A stuff. I’m uqneutisonably in your debt.

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