Amityville 7: A New Generation

Amityville 7 A New Generation

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Photographer Keyes is given an old mirror from an homeless person he photographs on the street, takes it home and gives it a friend. He doesn’t know yet that people see horrible things happen to themselves in the mirror and later these things come true. Are these really suicides or is there a demonic force behind the mirror?

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This was another horrible part, in this series, as well. The story was kind of fun but the whole mirror idea was kind of lame. If they relocated this part into the house and based the story around it, then it might have been a little bit better, in my opinion.

I don’t see the point of objects being haunted, I guess. Houses are one thing but not normal objects like mirrors, clocks, and lamps.

On a good note, they did explain a little bit about the original house and one of the families there. The main guy in this part is supposed to be related to someone from that family. Other than that, it was really boring and I almost fell asleep, while watching it. It was almost boring enough to put me to sleep, if that goes to tell you something.

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