Changes Coming Soon…

I’ve been thinking about giving this website an update and try to get back into writing movie reviews again. After my last review I posted, i had a lot of things going on, and didn’t have the time to invest into keeping up with reviews. At the time, I was going through a break up and wasn’t having any luck with pursuing careers, and more drama than I really wanted, but rather not go into detail about it. At the same time, my main hard drive crashed, and all the reviews i wrote up and all my website files were all erased, so I became discouraged and gave up in some way. Either way though, I want to get back into reviewing movies, and experimenting with ideas I’ve had, to see what I can actually create online.

Besides working on movie reviews, I’ve been working on my photography website, as well. I’ve been getting into nature and wildlife a lot, lately. Strange, huh? Go from watching horror movies to something completely opposite, lol. Just trying different things out, really. I rather keep it separate, but in case if you do want to see it, it’s at: Joe Nobles. It’s pretty much just a hobby, and experimenting with ideas.

Since I had time lately, I’ve watched a few movies that I have reviews coming soon with, such as: Contracted from 2013, the 2013 movie Stoker, and some more. I want to update the appearance and give it a new look.

Anyways, I just wanted to post a small update, since it was on my mind.

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