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After a deadly bank heist, 2 detectives are drawn into a mysterious case. Ruled by random acts of violence and deception, the only hope for survival is finding an order to the chaos. Jason Statham, Ryan Phillippe, and Wesley Snipes star.

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I thought Chaos was a great movie. The storyline was put together very well. There is a number of action scenes, within the movie, such as explosions, car chases, fighting, and a number of other things. It’s sort of like CSI or Law & Order. If you enjoy either of those shows, you will definately enjoy this movie.

The only problem I did have with the movie was Wesley Snipes’ role. His acting was okay but how he talked was kind of weird. He didn’t act tough in this movie, like most of his movies.

As for Ryan Phillipe, he has the same attitude as he did in Cruel Intentions and Anti-Trust. It didn’t go too well, with his part in the movie, but as the story goes on you learn to deal with it.

Other than how both of those actors played their parts, everything else was fine.

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