Demonic Toys 2

Demonic Toys 2

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A group of people, on a world wide search for oddities, find themselves trapped in a nine hundred year old Italian castle, when they accidentally unleash the Demonic Toys.

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I found this movie extremely boring. I couldn’t even make it all the way through to the end and turned it off, after about an hour. They had more talking, through the movie, than anything else. In my opinion, I thought part 1 was a lot better than this one and I didn’t even like part 1 too much.

As for the acting, the only good actor was Leslie Jordan and he only made the movie seem more like a comedy, than anything else. Elizabeth Bell, who played as Lauraline, was very annoying and I wanted to see her death so bad but not bad enough to watch it all the way through. She acted like she was everything and I didn’t see where. Though, I guess it’s how her role was suppose to be. Other than her, everyone else seemed like they played their roles decent. They could have been a lot worse, in my opinion.

As for the toys, it felt like a rip off from the original, when they showed a remake of the original baby doll, from part 1. The voice of the doll was terrible and I liked the original voice a lot better. Just after a few lines he said, I got tired of hearing him talk. The other dolls were okay but for this movie to be released in 2010, I thought they could have done a lot better with graphics and blood shed.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s not really worth watching. If you enjoyed the original movie, I doubt you’ll like Demonic Toys 2.

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