Friday The 13th: Part 2

Friday The 13th Part 2

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A fresh batch of teenage camp counselors return to the ill-fated Camp Crystal Lake five years after its most recent atrocities. Since the apparent perpetrator of those crimes was decapitated by the only survivor, the plucky teens ignorantly go about the business of reviving the camp, unaware that they are being stalked by an unseen figure who lives in the woods, waiting for the right opportunity to take bloody revenge.

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The only thing I never understood with this movie was when part 1 introduced Jason, he was jumping out of the water and grabbing the girl on the boat. In that scene, he was a young boy and when this movie starts off, he’s a full grown man. After half of the movie goes by, you finally find out he was alive the whole time, or so they say. If he was alive the whole time, wouldn’t he search for his mother, or at least confront her, when he saw her at the camp, in the original?

Anyways, about the movie, itself, I thought it was a great movie and had more suspense in this part, than the original. I mostly liked how the movie starts off as a real part 2, where it picks up from where part 1 ended. The kill scenes were great, as well.

As for the actors and actresses, I don’t recall seeing any of the ones in this movie from any other movies but it’s what I really like most about horror movies, in general. I don’t like watching horror movies with well known actors or actresses because it takes away that reality feel, for me. I guess it’s because you know it’s not real and can’t get into the movie as much as you possibly can. I thought every person, in this movie, was great at their character’s role. I didn’t notice any flaws that stand out or anything.

If you enjoy horror movies and haven’t seen this part of the series, I would recommend this movie to any horror fan or anyone who enjoys Friday The 13th films.

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