Friday The 13th: Part 3

Friday The 13th Part 3

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Jason Voorhees returns again to Camp Crystal Lake, where he drowned nearly three decades before while some negligent camp counselors made out on the beach. Understandably upset by this turn of events, Jason continues to haunt his old stomping grounds, dealing death to those thrill-seeking teens who venture into the woods. This time around, Jason faces tougher victims in the form of a motorcycle gang and dons what is to become his trademark hockey mask. The original theatrical release featured 3-D effects.

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This part was a good addition to the Friday The 13th series. The 3-D version wasn’t all that great and could have been better, in my opinion, but it’s an 80’s movie, so what do you expect? There was one, maybe 2, kill scenes in 3-D but they weren’t all that great, compared to seeing it in 2-D. Though, there wasn’t too many things in 3-D. There was about 5 to 10 things that seemed to be in 3-D but not a lot, as I hoped there would be.

There were a few good things about this movie, which were a few good kill scenes, especially with the harpoon and one with a weapon going through a girl’s chest from under her. Another good thing about this movie was that this is the part where Jason gets his infamous hockey mask. There were a few bad moments of the movie, as well. The main thing that caught my eye was towards the end or a little over half way through the film, some of the characters lose their acting talent and go to bad acting. I guess they got bored, when making the movie, and had to push themselves to finish it. Unless, they knew their death scene was coming up and went depressed on it. Also, there were a few funny moments, as well.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s worth the watch. It’s a great addition to any horror collection.

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