Friday The 13th: Part 4 – The Final Chapter

Friday The 13th Part 4

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After the confrontation with Chris, Jason presumed dead, is taken to the Wessex County Morgue. There he escapes killing an attendant and a nurse, making his way back to Crystal Lake Camp. Six teenagers rent a cabin next to the Jarvis’ in Crystal Lake. Soon, Jason finds his way to eliminate all who trespasses his way, but not for long.

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I thought this part, of the series, was pretty good. It was as decent as the previous parts and when the movie starts out, it picks up from where the last one did, just like parts 2 and 3. There were a lot more kill scenes, in this part, than the other 3. Though, unlike the previous parts, the kill scenes were a lot better, in my opinion.

The only part I didn’t understand, with this movie, was when the girl died in the raft and Jason stabbed her through the bottom of it, when they showed the raft again, it was still in good condition. I think they should have let the raft sink and let the girl float to shore or something that would be more realistic. Everyone knows if you puncture a hole through a raft, it would lose air. Another part I didn’t understand was when the dog, Gordon, jumped out the window. I’m guessing he saw Jason and thought he rather commit suicide than be killed by a serial killer. Other than that, I liked everything else about the movie. Well, that’s besides the title of the movie. I’m guessing they were going to end the series here, since it’s called “The Final Chapter” but apparently, they decided to keep going. I always thought the series, itself, should have ended at this part or after part 6.

I thought all of the actors and actresses did a decent job on their role. Even Corey Feldman, who played the role of Tommy, did a good job on his role, for as young as he was, in this movie. Also, Jason was a lot more creepier than the other parts, in my opinion. I guess from how the actor stood and the emotion he put into his character.

If you haven’t seen this part of the series, it’s definitely worth watching. If you are thinking about buying it, it’s definitely worth the money and a great addition to any horror fan’s collection, in my opinion.

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