Friday The 13th: Part 7 – The New Blood

Friday The 13th Part 7

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Tina, a telekinetic mental patient, travels back to Crystal Lake for some therapy that will allow her to transcend the tragic death of her father–whom she inadvertently killed with her mental powers. While staying at the campsite, Tina inadvertently frees Jason from his watery tomb with the same powers, and the masked madman proceeds to make chop suey out of the countryside and all its inhabitants. Is Tina strong enough to close the Pandora’s box?

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I thought Friday The 13th part 7 was worse than part 5, when it comes to the storyline. At the very beginning, the little girl, who played Tina, was very bad at acting, in my opinion. When she was screaming “daddy”, it looked like she was smiling. After they introduce Tina grown up and she brings back Jason from her psychic powers, it made me think of how awful this movie will be. I don’t even know why they had to make the storyline so lame.

As for the death scenes or kill scenes, they made me feel like I was watching a TV version of the movie. Almost every scene in this movie, where Jason kills someone, they cut it too short and only give you a small glimpse. The uncut version of this movie showed a little longer death scenes, but were basically still the same to me.

The only good thing I liked about this part of the series was Jason Voorhees. Kane Hodder seems to play Jason’s role very well, in my opinion. I guess it’s because of the emotions he puts into his role. Even at the end, when they show Jason’s face, they made it look a lot better.

The only thing I didn’t understand was, at the beginning, when Jason was under water, he had the same yellowish gloves on, from part 6, but after he comes out of the water, he now has black gloves on. Another thing I didn’t understand is where does Jason get all his weapons from, in this part? I didn’t notice any sheds or anything around the area that would hold any of the tools he used. I understand with the machete, he got from the guy Michael. I mean the ones like the lawn edger, towards the end. It just came out of nowhere. I’m guessing, somewhere during the beginning of the movie, when we don’t see Jason, he decided to make a stop at Wal-Mart to pick up some black gloves and some tools, for the movie.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen this movie, it’s worth watching, at least once. Though, that will probably be the only time you watch it, more than likely. Unless, you love watching the Friday The 13th series, then you’ll probably see it more than once. I would have gave the movie a lower rating, but I felt generous and rated it as an average movie, since it’s not that bad of a movie and could have been worse. I just didn’t agree with how they ruined the storyline, to be honest.

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