Friday The 13th: Part 8

Friday The 13th Part 8

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After an electricity from a torn cable revives him on the river bottom where his body lies, masked slasher Jason Voorhees stows away on a cruise ship carrying a graduating class of Crystal Lake teens to the Big Apple. Along the way, the ship braves a storm, which is nothing compared to the violence that the hockey mask-wearing psychopath inflicts on the passengers. Upon arriving in New York, Jason’s murderous ways don’t seem out of place, and the locals hardly pay him any mind.

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Even though the series goes down hill, from here, I thought this part was pretty decent. It’s not as great as the older ones but it’s entertaining enough to watch. They, at least, show some kill scenes, in this part, unlike part 7. There were a few funny scenes, in this part, as well. There was this one part in the movie where there are a group of kids listening to their stereo and Jason walks by and kicks the stereo. The kids pull out their chains and a switch blade knife to try to fight Jason. Then Jason lifts his mask up and the kids run for it. I thought that was pretty funny.

As for Kane Hodder, who played Jason Voorhees again, I thought he did a great job on the role again. I loved how he looked around, when he got to New York City. He gave off the impression of him think “Where the hell am I? This is nothing like Camp Crystal Lake.”, which I thought was a great addition to the character.

There were a few good scenes, in this part. Mostly, the beginning of the movie was probably the best part of the entire movie, in my opinion. I didn’t like the fact that he went out of town to a city and not kill everyone around, though. Another good scene was with the two guys who robbed the people and took off with the girl. I always thought those 2 guys got what they deserved.

The only thing I didn’t understand about this movie was when Jason arrives in New York and is going after the girl and guy, there were a lot of people around. The crowds of people never ran away in fear or anything. It was like Jason was just another person to everyone. If it was real, everyone would be running everywhere because not everyone walks around with a machete and a hockey mask, while looking like he was torn apart and soaking wet. Also, I didn’t understand how Jason followed the small boat, when the survivors were headed to land. Did Jason invest in a GPS or something? I know he couldn’t look up and see their boat because of how deep the water is and Jason doesn’t know how to swim. Other than those two things, everything else seemed fine.

As for the ending, I loved how they showed Jason as a young boy and very normal looking, after the toxic waste went all over him. I won’t get into too much detail with the movie, if anyone hasn’t seen this movie. If you haven’t seen this part but you’ve seen the others, it’s worth the watch. Like I said before, it’s not as great as the others but it’s watchable.

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