Fright Night

Fright Night

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What would you do if you realized that your charming next-door neighbor was actually a bloodthirsty vampire? This is the dilemma Charley must confront when he notices some rather strange occurrences on the block. His solution is to enlist the aid of Peter Vincent, a has-been horror film actor who now hosts “Fright Night,” a local TV show. Together, the duo set out to rid Charley of his coffin-dwelling neighbor–but their plans go awry, when the suave bloodsucker realizes they’re on to him.

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I thought Fright Night was a decent vampire film. Though, I wished they didn’t make the vampire fangs look so ridiculous, especially towards the end. I would love to see a remake of this part, eventually, but only if they keep the same storyline and just update the graphics and nothing else. Though, we all know the remake will probably suck, like most of them usually do.

As for the storyline, I thought it was pretty good, especially for a 1980’s vampire movie. The acting was pretty good, too. Though, the character of Edward or Evil was extremely annoying, after a while. I guess it’s from how he was always laughing with a high sounding voice. As for the main vampire, I thought he fit that role perfectly. I liked how they made Peter Vincent into a Hollywood fake, like how it should be because we all know how most stars of Hollywood think they’re everything and how fake they really are, in real life. So, I was happy to see them make that part true. All of the other actors did well, too.

If you haven’t seen Fight Night and you enjoy horror films and/or vampire movies, then you will enjoy this one, as well. It’s definitely worth buying, as well, if you are thinking about buying it.

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