Garfield’s Fun Fest

Garfield's Fun Fest

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Garfield emerges victorious at the end of every single Fun Fest, a competition for the best in comic strip characters. It’s a given; he can do it with his paws tied behind his back. But this year, it looks like a dashing new contestant by the name of Ramone is going to give everyone’s favorite fat cat a run for his lasagna, especially after the G-Man’s usual partner-in-fun, Arlene, decides to pair up with the suave new competition and Garfield is saddled with Odie. Can Garfield remain on top? Or is he going to have to slum it with “Family Circus” or, worse yet, go the way of “Marmaduke?”

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I thought the storyline to the movie was pretty good, but I honestly do not like the graphics upgraded. I liked the original Garfield and Friends cartoon series and thought the graphics should have stayed the same, but that’s just my opinion on it. It was pretty bad, when it took Garfield almost an hour and a half to finally realize everything the frog was trying to tell him. I guess it just shows how self-centered he really was and only listened to himself.

Anyways, if you enjoy watching the new version of Garfield, on Cartoon Network, then you will enjoy this movie, as well. If you liked the Garfield and Friends series, then you *MIGHT* like this one, but probably won’t like it too much. It just really depends on if you enjoy the graphics update, on the show, or not.

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