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Upon the sudden death of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, his trusted and successful general Maximus Meridas is unlawfully imprisoned and condemned to the gladiator games by Marcus’ twisted son Commodus. As the new emperor, Commodus fears Maximus could use his heroic stature to depose him and become leader himself. But Maximus gains fame as a gladiator and uses his celebrity to cause further damage to Commodus’ tenuous hold on the susceptible Roman people, hoping to inspire them to rediscover their lost values and overcome the corruption that is eating away at them. These actions prompt Commodus to square off mano a mano with Maximus in the Colisseum with the fate of Rome at stake.

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I thought this was a great movie. If you enjoy watching movies about med-evil times, you’ll enjoy this film, as well. With most films, as long as this one was, there are usually boring parts. Though, this one was a lot different. It kept me entertained from beginning to end.

At the beginning of this movie, it reminded me braveheart, but without the warpaint. After the war is over, it kept getting better all through-out the movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a lot of sword fighting or anyone who wants to learn about Rome, in the med-evil era.

As for the acting, I thought all actors did their character roles very well. I thought Russell Crowe gave his best performance, with his character role, as Maximus. Joaquin Phoenix played Commodus very well, in my opinion, too.

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