Halloween (2007)

Halloween 2007

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The residents of Haddonfield don’t know it yet… but death is coming to their small sleepy town. Sixteen years ago, a ten year old boy called Michael Myers brutally kills his step father, his elder sister and her boyfriend. Sixteen years later, he escapes from the mental institution and makes his way back to his hometown intent on a murderous rampage pursued by Dr Sam Loomis who is Michael’s doctor and the only one who knows Michael’s true evil. Elsewhere a shy teenager by the name of Laurie Strode is babysitting on the night Michael comes home… is it pure coincidence that she and her friends are being stalked by him?

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Honestly, I thought this version of Halloween was a lot better than the original, for the storyline. The main reason is because Rob Zombie explained everything about Michael Myers and his past, like how it should have been. The movie takes you from the beginning of Michael’s childhood and shows you everything he went through and the things that made him become what he is known for.

Other than how the storyline was laid out, I would still have to say the original version was a lot more scarier. So, both versions had its up’s and down’s. I guess it all depends on what you want from Halloween, mostly.

As for the storyline, I thought everything was great with it. I didn’t have any complaints, when comparing this version to the original John Carpenter’s version. Rob Zombie takes you through the life of Michael Myers and explains why he became what he is today. I thought the uncut version was a lot better than the original release. It showed you a lot of things that you missed, if you saw the theater version. One version has 2 actors, from “House of 1000 Corpses”, which were the cops that walked along with Michael Myers. The uncut version cut that scene out and extended the rape scene, which happened in Michael’s prison cell.

As for the acting, I thought everyone played their roles very well. Even the young Michael Myers did an excellent job, on his part. Same goes for the other characters. Sherri Moon Zombie, who played as Michael Myers’ mother, seemed to look a lot older in this movie, than “Devil’s Rejects” and “House of 1000 Corpses”.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s definitely worth watching. Even, the fans of the original John Carpenter’s version of Halloween will enjoy this remake, as well. It makes a great addition to any horror fan’s collection, too.

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