High Tension

High Tension

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Marie and Alexia are classmates and best friends. Hoping to prepare for their college exams in peace and quiet, they decide to spend a weekend in the country at Alexia’s parents’ secluded farmhouse. But in the dead of the night, a stranger knocks on the front door. And with the first swing of his knife, the girls’ idyllic weekend turns into an endless night of horror.

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High Tension has everything from horror to gore. There is a lot of violent scenes, in this movie, and they were very entertaining to watch. There is a twist to this film, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, who hasn’t seen it yet.

All of the actresses and actors played their roles very well. You couldn’t ask for better acting, in my opinion. I thought Cécile De France, the one who plays Marie, put all the right emotions into her role. As for Maïwenn Le Besco, who plays Alexia, keeps the movie going at a good speed and adds a lot of excitement to the film.

The movie was really great and you couldn’t ask for a better horror film. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you should see it. If you enjoy movies like Saw, you’ll love the violence, in this movie. If you enjoy watching horror films, in general, you will also love this for the thrill.

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