Jack Frost

Jack Frost

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Serial killer is genetically mutated in car wreck on the way to his execution. After which, he becomes a murdering snowman hell-bent on revenge for the sheriff who caught him.

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I didn’t think this movie was too great, but it was semi-decent enough to watch. The movie could have been worse, I guess. It was more comedy than anything else. It sort of reminded me of a movie like Child’s Play, where the soul goes inside of something non-living. There was only a few death scenes but only one of those were good, which was the scene with the girl in the tub. The ending was common sense, which took all the fun out of it, in my opinion.

I think the best part of the movie was the very beginning. After Jack Frost turns into a snowman, it went down, in my opinion. If they didn’t change the guy into a snowman, then it would have been a lot better and would have been more like the movie Black Christmas, in some ways. The intro was pretty fun to hear, as well. The guy tells the story of Jack Frost in a horror aspect to a little girl, who wants a bed time story.

The acting was okay, but the cop’s son didn’t do too great, on his role. When he was first on-screen, his acting talent failed a lot but it picked up to decent, later on. Other than that, everyone else did fine, on their characters, in my opinion.

If you want to watch a horror/comedy film, then you might enjoy this movie. It’s a great movie for Christmas time but that’s about all. If you’re looking for something more serious, then this isn’t the movie for you.

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