Ju-On: The Curse 2

Ju-On The Curse 2

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Tatsuya Suzuki sells off the house to a young couple, Hiroshi and Yoshimi Kitada. At the same time his son Nobuyuki seems to be having some trouble adjusting to their new apartment. Tatsuya asks his sister Kyoko to see if there’s anything she can do for him, but instead she also gets affected by what she sees there. Seems the house won’t let any visitors escape alive!!

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I felt like this movie should have just been included with Ju-On: The Curse, because it’s actually the ending of part 1. The first 30 minutes, of part 2, is actually the ending from part 1. I thought if Takashi Shimizu wanted to make a sequel, he should have just done smaller cut flashbacks. Though, if he did, the movie would only be about 45 minutes long.

There weren’t too many creepy or scary scenes, found on this part. Though, there are a few, but nothing like the previous part. There is a good scene with Takeo Saeki, in the apartment scene. I’m not going to give it away though. This one mostly explains what actually happened in apartment 205 and the Saeki’s house. I just wished they explained it more in detail, than they actually did. It took me about two viewings to actually understand how both places have a curse or grudge on them.

As for the acting, I thought everyone played their character roles very well. I didn’t notice any errors, that I can recall.

If you enjoy watching J-Horror movies, then you’ll enjoy this movie, as well. I would have gave it a lower rating, than the previous part, but both movies basically go together and complete the story on The Curse and tells you about everything that happened, with the Saeki family.

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