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Follow a group of hip, wealthy twenty somethings who share a love of cocaine and partying in this twisted and obsessive love story. Cast members include Chris Evans, Jason Statham, Jessica Biel, Joy Bryant, Isla FIsher and Kelli Garner.

When his former girlfriend leaves for New York City to live with her new boyfriend, Syd (Chris Evans) decides to rudely interrupt her leaving party by turning up with a small mountain of cocaine and his drug dealer in tow. Most of the movie takes place in the bathroom at the party–where Syd entertains the guests and shares his drug stash with them. London is a stark look at the effect love can have on a man. But there are a few twists and turns in store as the movie lurches toward a surprising conclusion.

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I thought London was an enjoyable drug induced love story, which has delivered a very unique movie style, while providing a formidable cast of actors.

Personally, I found the Bateman character, played by Jason Statham, a major addition to this movie and helped carry the movie during the very long restroom portion of the movie, which revealed the characters lives and troubles that they endured, while under the massive influence of ‘Blow’ (Cocaine) and lots of booze (alcohol), which was a great twist to this great movie.

I give this movie 5 out of 6 stars and suggest anyone who has a collection of serious drug movies, like Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas and Blow, not just Cheech and Chong or Half-Baked, which would fall under humor, to pick this movie up and add it to your serious collection, not the funny ones.

Other Thoughts: If there is ever a part two or spin off from this movie, I would like to see it more focused on Bateman it seemed like his story went so much deeper than what was depicted on the film.

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