Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

Lost Boys 2 The Tribe

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Chris Emerson and his sister Nicole, children of Michael Emerson (from the first Lost Boys movie) have moved to the surf-side town of Luna Bay, California following the death of their parents. They rent a house from their Aunt Jillian, and Chris sets out to find a job as a surfboard shaper. The only surfboard shaper in town is Edgar Frog. So, Chris leaves his name and address on Edgar’s screen door.

Later, as he’s watching the sun set over the ocean, he is approached by Shane Powers, who Chris recognizes as “the greatest surfer in the world,” but who just up and disappeared. Shane invites Chris to a surfer party. At first, Chris doesn’t want to go, but Nicole talks him into it. Neither, Chris nor Nicole know that Shane is a vampire.

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Even though this movie wasn’t as great as the original, I thought it was somewhat decent. I mean, it could have been a lot worse than how it came out. It was great to see a new Lost Boys movie come out, even if it took 20 years just to make it.

There were a few moments, found in this sequel, that does reference back to the original. For example, towards the beginning, you notice a guy playing the saxophone or trying to, as I should say. If that’s the same guy from the original movie, he surely has let himself go, as in A LOT!

I thought the storyline was decent but the actors, on the other hand, kind of failed at acting, in my opinion. I thought Angus Sutherland, which played as Shane, did an okay job but not great. Though, in some scenes, you can tell he was trying to act just like his half-brother, Kiefer Sutherland, did in the original Lost Boys. Also, Tad Hilgenbrink, which played as Chris, did a pretty decent job, as well. Corey Feldman, who played as Edgar Frog again, played his character’s role well, too.

As for the other actors, I thought the rest of them pretty much failed on their roles. Autumn Reeser, which played as Nicole, made her character seem fake. The way she cries and argues on-screen made me feel like this was her first time being in front of a camera. She could have acted a lot better, than she did. Plus, the storyline didn’t help with her character, either. As soon as she returned home, from drinking the blood of Shane, she started to turn into a vampire too quickly. They didn’t take their time with the transformation, like they did with the original. So, I can’t really blame her for not trying to give her best but she could have done a lot better than she really did, in my opinion.

Another bad character role was Aunt Jillian’s, which was played by Gabrielle Rose. She’s probably a good actress but her character role, in this movie, was annoying. I thought her role could have been removed, or at least, make her less motherly. She seemed more possessive and controlling, than anything else.

All I can say about this movie is… if you loved the original Lost Boys movie, then you MIGHT enjoy this one. Even though, it wasn’t as great or even came close to the original, it was entertaining and moved along quicker, in the storyline. If you enjoy vampire movies, in general, then you’ll enjoy this movie, more than likely. Also, the soundtrack seems pretty good but not as great as the original soundtrack, though.

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