Lost Boys 3: The Thirst

Lost Boys 3 The Thirst

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In San Cazador, California, the clumsy vampire hunter Edgar Frog is evicted from his trailer. But the best-seller writer Gwen Lieber offers him a job to destroy the head vampire DJ X that promotes worldwide raves to increase his army of undead. Gwen tells that her brother Peter disappeared in Ibiza two years ago in an X-Party promoted by the alpha-vampire.

Now, DJ X is coming to San Cazador to promote a sacrifice during a party in the blood moon on the next Friday, and Edgar discovers that the rave will take place in a slaughterhouse in an island. Gwen hires also the Hollywood participant of reality show, Lars von Goetz, that comes with the cameraman, Claus. Edgar invites his brother Alan to join the team but he declines, and he teams up with his friend Zoe. When the group finds DJ X, Edgar discloses a secret about the head-vampire.

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We all know there won’t ever be another sequel like the original Lost Boys, but it’s great to see some of the original members back in action. They have finally added both of the Frog Bothers, in this one. So, it was great to see both of them working together.

One of the things I didn’t like about this movie was the fangs. They should have kept the original look and not change it. The fangs, in this part, made the movie seem more comical, than anything else. Another thing I didn’t like was DJ X. I thought he hissed way too much. Especially, towards the end. It was becoming very annoying.

Even though, I think it’s not as great as part one, I still think it’s a lot better than most of the vampire movies that have been coming out lately. It’s definitely worth watching, instead of some damn Twilight movie.

If you enjoyed part 2 to the Lost Boys, then you’ll probably enjoy this part, as well. If you are a loyal fan of the original and didn’t like part 2, then you won’t like this part either.

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