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When May was a child, she was a lonely girl with one lazy eye and without any friend but a weird and ugly doll kept in a glass case given by her bizarre mother on her birthday. May becomes a lonely weird young woman, working in an animal hospital and assisting the veterinary in surgeries and sewing operated animals most of the time. Her lesbian colleague, Polly, has a sort of attraction for her.

When the shy May meets the mechanic Adam Stubbs, she loves his hands and has a crush on him. They date, but the weirdness and bizarre behavior of May makes Adam moves away from her. Alone, May has a brief affair with Polly, but she feels rejected again, when her colleague meets Ambrosia.

When her doll is accidentally broken, the deranged May decides to build a friend for her, using the best parts her acquaintances can offer.

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I thought this was another one of those lame horror films. The storyline was fine, but it needed more kill scenes, or at least a few good scares. It could have went a lot faster, too. This film made me feel like I was watching a “chick flick”, in some ways.

As for the acting, I thought it was fine. The girl, who played May, played her role pretty well and you can feel sorry for her and understand what made her do what did, at the end.

The only thing I didn’t like, about this movie, was with the beginning. They never explained anything about May’s family and what happened to them. Other than that, the movie was decent and just needed to be a little faster, with the storyline. It felt like it was dragged out, most of the time.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s not really worth watching. The only good part was the end. Just to see that, it’s definitely not worth buying.

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