Messengers 2: The Scarecrow

Messengers 2 The Scarecrow

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In this prequel to the Pang Brothers’ terrifying English-language debut, the eerie back-story of farmer John Rollins plays out in all its bone-chilling glory. Doing what he believes must be done in order to save his family and livelihood, John places an odd scarecrow among his crops and promptly reaps the benefits. The thing is, his luck probably won’t last for long…

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This movie completely sucked, in my opinion. It looked like they were in need of money and decided to use the title to make more sales. Then, on top of that, the movie didn’t even go with the original Messengers movie, but yet they call it a prequel. The only thing that did match the first film was the scarecrows and the farm theme. Other than that, nothing else went with the first part.

As for the acting, the actors did fine, I thought. Well, except for the young boy. I thought his acting was really fake. When he screams, you can tell it’s not an scared scream and more of an acting scream. When he was in the field with his sister and mom, one of his lines were “That’s daddy. We have to go back for him.” and the way he said it was like he was reading it, instead of meaning it.

The movie was boring for about 75% of the viewing time. Towards the end, it starts getting better but it didn’t help save the movie at all.

I wouldn’t suggest watching this, unless you *REALLY* want to see it. Just don’t expect it to be anything like the original Messengers.

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