Night of the Living Dead (1990)

Night of the Living Dead 1990

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A high-tech, color remake of the 1968 black-and-white low-budget horror classic about corpses that come back to life as flesh-eating zombies and terrorize the Pennsylvania countryside. Following the original plot almost to the letter (with a few surprises thrown in), the film opens in a rural cemetery where the heroine Barbara and her brother are visiting the grave of their mother. The brother is killed by one of the zombies and Barbara seeks refuge in a farmhouse with six other survivors.

While desperately trying to barricade the house against the zombies, the seven people inside fight among themselves, undermining their attempts to fend off the slow-moving, but relentless army of ghouls.

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I honestly thought this version of “Night of the Living Dead” was pretty much the same as the original. The story and actor names all stayed the same (well, somewhat the same). They added a couple new parts into the movie. Usually, when they do this, it kills the movie but this was one of those rare moments where the only things they did was update the graphics and colorize it.

As for Bill Moseley, who played the role of Johnnie, did a great job on the role and made it a lot better than the original. I just wished they showed him coming at his sister, like on the original. That’s probably my only complaint with the film.

As for Tony Todd, who played the role of Ben, he was better at his role than the original Ben, in my opinion. Though, I think both actors did a great job on their roles. I thought all of the characters did great on their performance and added more emotion in their character roles, compared to the original.

The zombies or undead, in this version, were a lot better and more convincing, too. At the beginning, one of them lose part of their clothes. There was one zombie, at the graveyard, who had great looking face. I was somewhat hoping all the zombies would have looked similar to him, but I guess they didn’t want to do it that way. Either way though, it didn’t take away any value to the movie.

Also, there were a few parts in this version I thought were funny. I won’t spoil it for you but the one zombie who was losing his clothes, that I mentioned above, were one of those parts. There are a few others but I’ll leave those for you to enjoy.

For a final note, if you enjoy watching zombie movies and/or loved the original version of Night of the Living Dead, you will also enjoy this one.

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