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Ghosts invade suburbia in this 1982 horror film from director Tobe Hooper and producer Steven Spielberg. Life in the Freeling family’s tract home is comfortably bland, but frisky poltergeists soon put a little excitement into their daily routine–moving furniture and communicating with their youngest daughter, Carol Anne, through the television set.

Unfortunately, harmless pranks quickly turn nasty and the previously friendly ghosts kidnap Carol Anne, trapping her in the spirit world. To win the child back, the family calls in a team of parapsychologists and a psychic who conducts an elaborate exorcism. The apocalyptic finale is deliciously macabre, and pushed the limits of the PG rating.

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I thought this movie was terrible. When I was a kid, I used to like this movie but after watching it, lately, I’m not sure what I saw in this movie. I don’t know why they even file this under the horror genre because it’s not even scary. It’s more like a science fiction movie, through my eyes.

I thought both Steven Spielberg and Tobe Hooper completely failed on this movie. The acting was fine but the story and the movie, itself, sucked, in my opinion. If you haven’t watched this movie, save your time and money to watch something a lot better. The only good thing in this movie was probably the special effects and that was pushing it because they used too much of them.

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  1. Fernando says:

    1:55 pm, April 8, 2012| personally, i’m glad that it looks like Dimension has deidced to veer away from Zombie’s re-envisioning honestly, what I, and a plethora of hardcore Halloween series fans, would LOVE to see is an epic & truly well-done conclusion to the original storyline, tying the films together, tying up loose ends and answering all the unanswered questions from the past, bringing back the few remaining survivors i really think, if done right, with an intense and vast vision for the plot, it could really do justice to the series like never before, and really invigorate all fans of the films into believing in the true face and spirit of Michael Myers again . i personally believe, with the right direction and an incredible writer, i think this could be the best road there is for this sequel . but, of course, there’s always the haters who will barage me with blasts against this kind of idea, for they can’t see what i see, with where the original storyline’s plot can actually go it really isn’t as broken or fragmented as people initially believe in my mind, it is quite epic just unfinished, so to others its seems convoluted. but it’s not it just needs a masterpiece of an ending to bring it all together while having the most mindblowing & mindbending revelations all leading towards its impendingly exciting and inviting conclusion oh, how fucking ecstatic i would be if they would just revisit the original series plot .

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