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The film follows a Spanish late-night television reporter, Angela Vidal, through the lens of her cameraman, Pablo. During one report of the happenings in a local fire station in Barcelona, the duo follow a team of firefighters who get a call from an apartment building nearby about a trapped woman.

When they arrive, they find the apartment’s residents huddled in the lobby. They go upstairs to find a woman who is obviously distressed. What follows is a night that none of them will ever forget.

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I thought [Rec] was a pretty decent horror film. Even though the storyline was a little bit on the boring side, it was a lot better than most of the horror films out, now days. It seemed like the more the video progresses, the more intense it got. I’m not much into movies like The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, or Cannibal Holocaust, but this movie seemed to be a lot better than any of those. I guess because of the looks and feel of it.

When the movie gets to the end, you start to wonder if the movie is real or not. The only way to tell that this movie wasn’t real is from the credit list. When you see the actor’s name as himself, then you would know it’s real. This one didn’t have that, so you can basically tell that it wasn’t real.

The only thing I didn’t like about this movie was the very end. It felt like the same ending as a few other movies. Another thing was they didn’t explain exactly what the outbreak was. First, you see something about possession, then an infection, then a sickness. So, they really didn’t say what it really was. I guess it’s up to the view to decide on what they wanted it to be. Other than those, I thought the movie was great and worth watching.

As for the acting, I thought everyone played their roles fine. Though, I doubt you can fail at a character role, when it’s suppose to feel as real as possible. I didn’t like the cop or whatever he was because he seemed like he was arrogant and wanted to be in control, which is typical. I just didn’t like how he kept hitting the camera because it got annoying, after a while.

If you enjoy movies like Blair Witch Project, and other films that are recorded just like it, then you’ll enjoy this movie, as well. There are a lot of scary moments and a couple good jump scenes.

If you do watch this movie, I would recommend watching it in the Spanish version with English subtitles, which is the original version to the movie. It gives the movie more of a realistic feel to it. Though, if you’re not into reading subtitles and want English audio, then you can choose to do so with the English dubbed version, but the lip sync isn’t there. The good thing is you wouldn’t be too busy reading the text and being sidetracked from enjoying the movie.

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