Collector, The (2010)

The Collector

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After a stint in prison, Arkin (Josh Stewart) finds employment as a handyman. But, in the type of bad decision-making that’s common among horror-film protagonists, Arkin decides to rob his boss in order to repay his ex-wife (Daniella Alonso). Venturing to his employer’s remote country-house to make the heist, he soon finds himself–as well as the boss’s family–at the mercy of The Collector. This masked menace turns the house into a maze of fiendish traps, and only Arkin’s wits offer any hope of escape from gruesome death.

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I thought this movie was pretty good except for one thing, they never explained anything on why “The Collector” does what he does and why he does it. There were a few parts I didn’t understand, besides no real storyline, like all the traps the guy sets up would have took forever to do, if it was reality. I’m guessing, since he’s done it a lot of times before, it goes faster, the more times you do it, I guess. Even if that’s the case, it would still take a lot of time to get everything set up in the house to be perfect.

All of the actors did a great job, I thought. There were a few parts where you can see dead people breathing and the one guy, in the bear traps, moving his fingers. Other than that, it was played out great. Even the kid did a great job on her part.

The movie, itself, is worth watching. There’s a ton of torture style kills, a few jump scenes, and a few good action scenes. The movie does keep you going but don’t expect to find out what the guy looks like. When you find out who it is, they only tell you about a small scene he did, earlier in the movie. I guess we’ll get to see another part to this, in the future, because it does leave the movie open for another part to be made. Hopefully, they’ll explain a lot more about the collector than what they did with this part.

If you enjoy movies, like Saw, with a lot of gory scenes mixed with good horror movies, then you’ll enjoy this, too. It’s definitely worth watching, in my opinion.

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