Girl Next Door, The (2004)

The Girl Next Door 2004

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18-year-old Matthew Kidman is a straight ‘A’ over-achiever who feels that he has never really lived life till the fall. This is, until he meets ‘the girl next door’. Danielle moves in next door, and Matthew thinks he’s found the girl of his dreams. All is going well, until Matthew’s sex-mad friend Eli reveals that Danielle is actually a ex-porn star. Matthew doesn’t know how to take the news or how to treat Danielle, and things go from bad to worse when Danielle’s former producer Kelly appears to take her back.

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I thought this movie was decent, but nothing great. I thought it went from being a comedy movie to a chick flick. The first half made it feel like I was watching American Pie all over. So, there were a few scenes that made the movie worth watching.

As for the storyline, I thought it wasn’t too slow and went at a normal speed. It didn’t leave me wondering about anything, like most movies that tend to go too fast, through their storyline. This one seemed to go at a normal pace. Like I mentioned earlier, the first half is what made this movie what it was, because of the comedy sections. Other than that, it’s your typical comedy to chick flick style movie.

As far as acting goes, I thought all of the actors did a great job, on their performance. Though, there were a few people, through out the film, that I didn’t like. Out of everyone, in the film, I would probably have to say the ones that entertained me the most and kept the movie going was probably Emile Hirsch (Matthew), Elisha Cuthbert (Danielle), and Timothy Olyphant (Kelly). Also, Paul Dano (Klitz) looked more like John Lennon, which I thought was kind of funny.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen this movie, it’s worth watching one time, at least. If you enjoy movies like American Pie, then you will love the first half of the movie, and maybe the ending, too.

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