Grudge 2, The

The Grudge 2

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In Pasadena, Mrs. Davis sends her daughter, Aubrey Davis, to Tokyo to bring her sister, Karen Davis, who is interned in a hospital after surviving a fire, back to the USA. After their meeting, Karen dies and Aubrey decides to investigate what happened to her and gets herself trapped in the same situation, being chased by the ghost of the house.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, the three high school mates Allison, Vanessa and Miyuki visit the famous haunted house and are also chased by the ghost.

In Chicago, Trish moves to the apartment of her boyfriend, Bill, who lives with his children, the teenager Lacey and boy Jake. At the apartment next door, weird things begin to happen with the neighbor.

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Just from the beginning of the movie, I could tell this movie was going to suck. When the 3 school girls went into the house, one of the girls told the story all wrong. They said the father hung himself, which in the Japanese version, he was found in the alley and was mysteriously dead. He was killed by Kayako, in Ju-On: The Curse, after he swung around the fetus of the school teachers wife’s unborn child, down the alley way.

Once the school girl, Aubrey, gets inside the closet, which leads to the attic, she had the worse scream I have ever saw. You can tell it was a fake/acting scream.

The only scene I liked was the shower scene, with Allison, when she kept seeing black hair coming out, when she was washing it. Other than that, the movie was a waste of time to watch. There were a few scenes that came from the original Japanese versions of Ju-On: The Curse and Ju-On: The Grudge, but not as many as the first part, of the American version. Also, there was a lot more talking, than anything else, as well.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s not worth watching, unless you don’t like subtitles. I still recommend the Japanese version of this movie, over the American versions.

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