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The Grudge

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The normal facade of a modest house in Tokyo belies the hidden terror within. It is possessed by a violent plague that destroys the lives of everyone who enters. Known as The Grudge, this curse causes its victims to die in the grip of a powerful rage. Those who are fatally afflicted by the curse die and a new curse is born–passed like a virus to all those who enter the house in an endless, growing chain of horror.

Karen is an exchange student studying social work in Japan who innocently agrees to cover for a nurse, Yoko, who didn’t show up for work. When she enters the assigned home, she discovers an elderly American woman, Emma, who is lost in a catatonic state, while the rest of the house appears deserted and disheveled. As she is tending to the stricken old woman, Karen hears scratching sounds from upstairs. When she investigates, she is faced with a supernatural horror more frightening than she could ever imagine.

Within the house, a chain of terror has been set in motion resulting from a terrifying evil that was born years before. As more people die, Karen is pulled into the cycle of horror and learns the secret of the vengeful curse that has taken root in this house. Now she must stop it before it’s too late, but will she succeed or die trying?

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I thought this remake of, the Japanese movie, Ju-On was a lot better than most remakes. I liked how they kept most of the story the same way, and how they kept the movie location over in Japan. The only problem I had with the storyline was they mixed around the movie with both movies, Ju-On: The Curse and Ju-On: The Grudge. When comparing this version to the original Japanese version, I still think the Japanese version comes out on top. At least, they didn’t ruin this movie as much as they did with The Ring, Dark Water, and The Eye.

As for the acting, I thought the only decent acting came from the Japanese cast members and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The other US actors didn’t show too much emotion and they didn’t portray their character roles as well as the original Japanese version.

Another thing I didn’t like was how they tried to change around the scenes. For example, the Japanese version had the woman go into the bathroom and then run out. From there, she went up to the security guard and he went to the bathroom and was pulled in by Kayako, which was shown on the security camera. On this version, the woman, I think her name was Susan on this version, went to the staircase and ran away to the security guard. When the security guard went to check it out, he didn’t see anything and walked back down the hall way. Also, I liked the original Kanna scene, instead of the one shown on this version, as Yoko.

If you haven’t seen this movie, I would only recommend this movie, if you do not like subtitles. If you are okay with reading subtitles, I would recommend watching the original Ju-On Japanese movie series. They were more intense and the acting was a lot more better. At least, they let Takashi Shimizu direct this movie and not someone else.

Normally, I would have gave this movie 3 stars, for being average, but because it was a better remake, than most movies like the ones I listed above. I decided to give it 5 stars, since the movie tried to keep everything almost the same way. I just didn’t like how they changed the scenes.

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