Lost Boys, The

The Lost Boys

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When newly-divorced Lucy moves her sons to her father’s house in Santa Clara, California — “the murder capital of the world” — her teenage son, Michael, quickly falls in with the town’s bad kids: a bike-riding, Jim Morrison-worshiping gang of blood-sucking vampires. Her younger son Sam and his buddies, the Frog brothers, are the only ones who recognize the signs of vampirism in Michael, and they plot to battle the legions of the night before they take over the entire town.

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This is one of my most favorite vampire movies, that has ever been made. I liked everything about this movie and thought they did a great job making it. Too bad there’s not a lot of good movies like this.

To narrow down this review, I thought the storyline was great, the music was great, and even the actors were great. As for the actors, like I mentioned, I thought everyone did a great job on their character role. The cast members include: Kiefer Sutherland (as David), Jason Patric (as Michael), Corey Feldman (as Edgar Frog), Corey Haim (as Sam), Jami Gertz (as Star), Billy Wirth (as Dwayne), Edward Herrmann (as Max), Dianne Wiest (as Lucy), Jamison Newlander (as Alan Frog), Alex Winter (as Marko), Brooke McCarter (as Paul), Barnard Hughes (as Grandpa), and Chance Michael Corbitt (as Laddie). The only person I really didn’t like in this movie was Laddie, just because he didn’t really have a lot of lines. I’m guessing he was shy or something, I don’t know. I didn’t notice any errors but if there are any, there wasn’t much, from what I could tell.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s definitely worth watching. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is into horror films or just vampire films. Well, except the vampire movies like Twilight, if you want to call it a vampire movie, that is.

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