Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring

Tom and Jerry The Magic Ring

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Tom is left in charge of a priceless magical ring by a young wizard. When Jerry accidentally gets the ring stuck on his head, he runs out into the city as Tom is close behind him in pursuit. Along the way, they reunite with old characters, such as Nibbles the gray mouse with the diaper, and Jerry’s cousin the strong mouse in the long yellow and black striped shirt. Tom and Jerry keep trying to get the ring off but it’s no use. How will they ever get it off?

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Movie Review

I thought this movie was pretty good. There were a few funny scenes, but not many. The best thing I liked about this movie was the guest appearances, such as Droopy, Spike and his son, the black alley cat, and a lot more.

There were a few voice overs, with the characters Tom and Jerry, but not as bad as “Tom and Jerry: The Movie”. Jerry seemed to have more voice overs, but were mostly laughs and a few other things. There wasn’t any normal talking, just in case if you are wondering (Thank God).

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, you will enjoy it, if you enjoy watching Tom and Jerry cartoons. The storyline was decent, as well.

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