Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

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Eddie Weinbauer is a typical All-American teenager, at least he was until he fell under the evil spell of Rock Music. Now he’s obsessed with his heavy-metal superstar idol, Sammi Curr, who is killed in a hotel fire. Eddie becomes the recipient of the only copy of Curr’s unreleased album, which when played in reverse, sends a message of destruction and as Halloween approaches, Eddie begins to realize this isn’t only rock ‘n roll… it’s life and death and he must draw the line to thwart this mission.

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I have always loved this movie and still do. I don’t know why this movie is filed under the Horror genre, since it’s based around music. There are a few kill scenes, but not many, and of those, there’s no blood. So, I’m guessing they put it under Horror because of Sammi Curr coming back to life and the green monster, which is seen in the car.

The main things I liked about Trick or Treat was how they based it around the 80’s rock bands, when playing records backwards was cool. Also, I liked every song, that was in the movie or on the soundtrack. For those who don’t know, all of the songs found on the album was from a band called Fastway. There was 9 tracks, on the soundtrack. The titles were: Trick or Treat, After Midnight, Don’t Stop The Fight, Stand Up, Tear Down The Walls, Get Tough, Hold On To The Night, Heft, and If You Could See. Also, there were a couple comedy sections or funny moments, but not many.

The special effects were pretty cool to see. They didn’t go overboard with them, like most of the movies do now. I always liked the part, when Sammi Curr stuck his finger in the socket, and electrocuted the guy, he was holding up. There were a few other parts, but I don’t want to give away too much and spoil it, for those who haven’t seen the movie.

I did notice 3 errors, when watching this movie again. One was with the girl, Genie, when her bra came off. On one scene, the straps were down, when she was taking it off slow. Then, when they did a close up, you can see the straps back on her shoulders. Another error was with Tony Fields or Sammi Curr, when he was on stage, at the Halloween dance. If you watch his lips, when he’s singing, you can see that he didn’t know the words too well. The last error I noticed was when Eddie’s mom had company come by, you can see the microphone, at the top of the screen, for a few seconds. Other than those, I didn’t notice too many.

As for the actors, I thought everyone played their parts well. The only problem I had was with Tony Fields, when he screwed up on the lip sync. Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne looked totally different, than how they do on their albums. Ozzy was funny to see with parted hair and playing as a Reverend. Gene Simmons, which played the role of Nuke, looked more normal, than anything else. I just wasn’t used to seeing him without long hair, mostly. Both, Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne, had very small parts. Gene was shown for about 5 minutes, if that. Though, his character role was very important. Ozzy was shown about 2 times on TV and had a smaller part, than Gene. Marc Price, which is best known as Skippy from Family Ties, fit the role of Eddie perfectly, in my opinion. Even Doug Savant played his part well, as Tim Hainey.

If you haven’t seen Trick or Treat, I would recommend watching it, at least once. Anyone who enjoys rock music, especially 80’s metal bands, you would enjoy watching this movie. It does bring back a lot of memories and will keep you entertained. If you are looking for something that’ll be more horror and have blood, then you might not enjoy this movie.

Additional Information: Anchor Bay Entertainment was all set to release a 20th Anniversary DVD in 2006, but due to music copyrights, the release was canceled. Anchor Bay so far has no plans to release any kind of DVD. The only known DVD was a bargain disc from Platinum Disc Corporation, which is now Echo Bridge Entertainment. That DVD is now out of print. Some people believe the DVD cover to be misleading because it shows Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne starring in the movie, when actually they only make very brief cameo appearances. On the back of the DVD artwork are also scenes from the making-of.

As for the cover art I used, on this page, I wanted to stick with the classic artwork. I didn’t appreciate the company using Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne on their DVD cover, just to sell the movie. I honestly liked the original artwork for the VHS and poster a lot better, than the new look.

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