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Video Dead

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The dead don’t always stay buried. Their appetites are insatiable–the appetite for human flesh that only the living dead possess. On a quiet, tree-lined street evil has arrived in a most ordinary way: an old television set. It receives a single channel, one that only shows the same film over and over–a horror film where zombies rise from the grave and kill–but also frees the gnarled, evil monsters. And once out, they’re not going back! They like the real world. They’ve already killed five people and want more blood…the new family in the neighborhood will be perfect prey!

Spine-tingling excitement, terrific special effects and on-the-edge suspense give “The Video Dead” life. These people weren’t ready for the carnage created by creatures known as the living dead–are you?

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The Video Dead is one of my favorite zombie movies because of the looks of the zombies. Even for a B-Movie, this movie has better looking zombies than most of the ones out, now days. What’s bad is the budget this film was on, is a lot lower than “Night of the Living Dead” budget. They have one female zombie that gets her head cut off by a chainsaw and she carries it around, which I thought was a great addition. How many zombie movies have you seen do anything like that? Not many, probably.

The story wasn’t all that great because of having zombies come to life from a television set. Even though it doesn’t sound too great, it is worth watching.

As for the actors, I thought they could have done a better job but you can’t really expect too much for low-budget films. I did, however, enjoy how the zombies played their parts.

If you enjoy watching zombie style horror movies, such as Night of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead, then you’ll most likely enjoy this film, as well. The only bad thing is there’s no release of this movie on DVD. They only have it on VHS, which is sad because a lot of people would love for this movie to be on DVD, including myself. Hopefully, they’ll re-release it, one of these days. Recently, I read MGM is planning to release it on DVD soon, but there was no release date. Hopefully, they’ll add all the extras, behind the scenes, and trailer in the new release, as well.

If you enjoy the new versions of undead and “the infected”, then you might not like this. It’s all based on your choices of movies, when it comes to this movie, I think.

Other News About This Movie Review: If or when they do release this movie on DVD, I will re-update this page.

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