Welcome To The Movie Critic Blog!

Welcome to The Movie Critic Blog! We offer reviews for a variety of movie genres, such as: Action, Animated, Comedy, Drama, Family, Horror, and Science Fiction.

First, let me introduce myself… my name is Joe Nobles. I currently live in Winter Haven, FL. The things I enjoy most is spending time with my girlfriend, watching movies, creating websites, and just being online and having fun. My favorite genre of movies is probably horror. I love anything that is scary or keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat. Though, I enjoy watching all types of movies, also. So, I pretty much watch anything that grabs my attention.

If you are wondering how the MovieCriticBlog.com came about, then I’ll explain a little bit about it. For a while now, I have been looking for some movies to watch. Not just any movie, but the rare ones that are hard to come by now… yes, the ones that are more entertaining than others.

We have all had those moments, where we have seen movies that we wished we didn’t waste our time to see. It always frustrated me to think about the money these industries put into movies, build up the hype through the trailers, and when you actually watch the movie, you realize you have seen all of the good scenes on the previews.

It’s really rare to come across good movies, now days. I’m sure many of you can agree, if not everyone. If you are like me, you have probably got to point of thinking you have seen just about every great movie that has ever been made.

For me to find a great movie to watch, I look for people’s reviews online and see what they thought of the movie, and if I would find that same movie worth watching.

This is where MovieCriticBlog.com comes in at…

Just about 80% of the reviews I have read online are pretty much written by people who promote the movies and works in the movies industry. So, just about all of those people, get paid to lie to movies lovers, such as myself and you. If we’re going to spend the time to watch something, I think we would like an honest review and in depth one.

At this website, I am going to give you my honest review of the movies I watch. If the movie sucks, I’ll let you know, before you waste your time watching it. I’ll judge the acting, the storyline, and if the movie was worth watching or not. If that movie is comparable to another movie, which might be popular, then I’ll tell you what that movie compares to.

Be sure to bookmark this website, because I plan on updating it a lot. There might not be too many websites like this, that you’ll come across. If I come across movie blogs that give honest reviews, I’ll add a link to the links section. If you own a website with movie reviews, feel free to send me a link.

In the next couple of weeks, I plan on adding a lot of the reviews I have already wrote up. So, if the website looks pretty empty, it’ll change real fast.

Be sure to check back in to see what new movie reviews I have added. I’ll try to put them in order to make it a lot easier to find.


Below, you will find the most recent reviews added to the blog. Also, you will be able to see what changes and updates we have made to the website, as well.

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  1. Jetson says:

    You mean I don’t have to pay for expert adcive like this anymore?!

  2. Seven says:

    People normally pay me for this and you are gvinig it away!

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